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Heat Conductive

CUT & MOR characteristic and provides a variety of heat conductive pads- THERMAL MANAGEMENT MATERIAL(TMA) to help you design with other cooling accessories heat dissipation from the product. The use of thermal pad is a large variety of markets and applications of PCB's components which registers heat, servers, computers, military and civilian applications information.

CUT & MOR dealing with the world's leading vendors of materials in thermal management to ensure our customers the highest quality raw materials and most appropriate for the application.

Manufacturers we work with are:
• 3M

Raw materials are classified into two main groups:
• GAP FILLER - appropriate materials to fill gaps between the heat-emitting element and the body / HEAT SINK or Kit item. These materials are produced in thicknesses of 0.012'' to 0.23'' and up. These materials are easy pressed with high-achieving effective heat transition  and easy adhere applicate of assuming the initial release of air when pressed.
• THERMAL PAD - thin materials used substrate connects the components required when doesn’t required to be a gap filler. These materials are produced in thicknesses of 0.003''-0.02''. These thermal pads can also be used as electric insulators or not depending of the carrier.

Heat transmission range is from 1-17 W / mK across XYZ axes conductive and to 300W/mk for X-Y axes.

CUT & MOR should offer also thermal double side adhesives from the best manufacturers, both phase PHASE CHANGE, Pads adjusted component variety TO-220, TO-247, TO-3P, and more.
Raw materials are supplied in the form of shetts or roll and will enable them cutting each chosen geometry.

CUT & MOR has wide stock thermal pads of different thicknesses and thermal and electrical properties are different.

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