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Welcome to  CUT & MOR

CUT & MOR - a young and dynamic company that specializes in providing effective and timely response to a variety of precise cutting services and supply of raw materials for various electronics industry. If you are in telecommunications, electrical appliances and medical equipment, military products or a company that develops electronic product:

You have reached the first and last source on the way to supply your product

CUT & MOR accompany your product and will help in characterizing the raw materials suitable for you with special emphasis on raw materials world-leading many manufacturers in various areas, maximum effectiveness for the benefit of your product and of course a balanced relationship between the required amount and cost.

CUT & MOR experience and knowledge - years planning the correct geometry that balances engineering data and actual implementation on the assembly line.

Authority member CUT & MOR range of different cutting technology machines that fill snips also accurate in very small quantities prototypes and medium quantities mass production of parts.

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CUT & MOR managed and implemented the requirements of the  international - IS ISO 9001:2015 international.